Opening Day at METSTRADE 2018 with our ultrasonic anti-fouling system

Opening Day at METSTRADE 2018 with our ultrasonic anti-fouling system

Dominic Findlow, Technical Director at NRG Marine, on the Opening Day at METSTRADE 2018 in Amsterdam – the world’s largest Business-to-Business trade show for the boating industry.


Dominic and the NRG team were on stand 03.438, showing-off their new cut-away demo rig for Sonihull, the company’s ultrasonic anti-fouling system that keeps algae, weeds and barnacles at bay without any poisonous environmental legacy. At the same show last year, NRG’s latest product Sonihull8 was launched and shortlisted for a DAME Award, the Oscars of the boating industry.


The new model shows a scaled-down version of a typical box cooler installation onboard a large vessel or ship. Typically, box coolers are protected from fouling by impressed-current systems that require specialist fitting, electrical isolation and the regular replacement of expensive sacrificial anodes.


Sonihull’s fit-and-forget systems use ultrasound to prevent marine organisms colonising solid surfaces that are exposed to raw seawater. Sonihull is fast becoming the solution of choice for protecting box coolers from marine biofouling. Compared to impressed-current systems, Sonihull can reduce capex & lifetime costs by 95%.


The Sonihull system produces multiple bursts of ultrasonic energy in a range of targeted pulse frequencies. These pulses are transmitted through the material that the transducer is attached to.


The ultrasound produces a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure on the surface of the material. Microscopic bubbles are created during the negative cycle and are imploded during the positive cycle.


This microscopic agitation has a cleansing effect which destroys surface algae. Disrupting this first link in the food chain keeps the surface clean and makes it a much less inviting habitat for larger organisms that feed on the algae. The microscopic movement of water also prevents barnacle and mussel larvae from embedding on the surface.


With eight independent and programmable outputs, Sonihull8 can protect every part of your vessel or structure from marine fouling. Unlike biocidal coatings and impressed-current systems, Sonihull8 is low cost and low maintenance, with zero poisonous environmental legacy. With one panel and eight transducers, Sonihull8 has all of your equipment covered.





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