Anti-fouling for Superyachts

With easy installation, PLC integration and quiet operation, Sonihull has become a firm favourite in superyacht machinery spaces. As well as preventing the build-up of marine organisms on raw water surfaces like sea-chests and pipework, Sonihull will also suppress Diesel bug in fuel tanks and will keep potable water fresher for longer in water storage tanks.

Superyacht ultrasonic Antifouling

The superyacht sector may appear to be all about the finished product and superior levels of service, but all that sparkle wouldn’t exist without myriad onboard systems and equipment working flawlessly behind the scenes. Most superyachts are operated as commercial entities and are under similar time and performance pressures as other floating assets. In order to reduce downtime and maximize charter income, superyacht owners and operators have always been keen to introduce new technologies like Sonihull to keep their vessels out of drydock for as long as possible..