Sonihull Sonishaft 180mm




The worlds first ultrasonic anti-fouling solution for prop shaft driven vessels.


Sonihull Sonishaft 180mm for shaft driven vessels

Introducing Sonihull Sonishaft 180mm, the worlds only ultrasonic anti-foul system designed specifically for shaft driven vessels. The Sonishaft used in conjunction with the standard Sonihull transducer, clamps directly on to the prop-shaft transmitting the Sonihull industry leading ultrasonic anti-fouling pulse directly into the prop shaft, suppressing barnacle and bio-growth on the prop-shaft, propeller and anodes.

Typically you would expect to see a reduction in growth by about 80% or more. Plus the additional benefits of maintaining performance, smoother ride and reduced wear and tear – All this while saving about 20% on your fuel bills!


Technical Specifications

Model Sonishaft 180mm.
Shop Diameter For shaft from 2.5″ and 7.5″ (65mm up to 190mm)
Weight 1.70 kg (total weight)


Transducer is not included.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg


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