Pipe Adaptor Series


Available in various pipe diameter

PA-40   Sonihull adaptor for 50mm Pipe diameter: (2″ pipes)

PA-80   Sonihull adaptor for 80mm Pipe diameter: (3″ pipes)

PA-100 Sonihull adaptor for 100mm Pipe diameter: (4″ pipes)

PA-150 Sonihull adaptor for 150mm Pipe diameter: (6″ pipes)

PA-200 Sonihull adaptor for 200mm Pipe diameter: (8″ pipes)


Fouling in pipe work can be a major problem. It doesn’t take long before fouling can start to restrict the flow of water, which can lead to engines and generators being destroyed as a result of over heating and water pumps wearing out due to the sharp increase in pressure.

Sonihull, proven around the world on commercial, military and private vessels as a most valuable addition for the protection of inlets and pipe work.

The PA (Pipe Adaptor) for the Sonihull transducer simply bonds to the side of the pipe, allowing the ultrasonic pulses to be transmitted directly into the pipe wall, suppressing the build up of bio film and inhibiting barnacle lavae and other critter’s from embedding.

Maintenance free, with no expensive anodes to replace, and completely safe on steel and aluminum vessels. The sonihull and the PA mounts have proven themselves as the most credible alternative to impressed current/cathodic protection systems.


Suitable for all rigid pipes

Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Fibreglass, Stainless steel, and Rigid plastic


Technical Specifications

MODEL Pipe Adaptor Series
WEIGHT 0.20 kg (total weight)



For pipes larger 8″ in diameter, email us at info@nrgmarine.com.

Transducer is not included.


Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg


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