EchoMaster Marine free two-day event 17th and 18th Dec.

EchoMaster Marine is inviting fishing boat operators in NE Scotland to join them at a free technical support clinic hosted by NRG Marine, the manufacturers of Sonihull ultrasonic anti-fouling systems.

The free two-day event is being held on the 17th and 18th of December at EchoMaster Marine’s offices in Macduff and is open to anyone who wants to find out more about Sonihull’s range of ultrasonic anti-fouling systems. Experts will also be on hand to discuss MFF Grant applications, which could help operators reduce Sonihull installation costs by up to 50%.

“There area is home to a very large fishing fleet and it’s important that we are available to support all of existing customers and meet new ones,” says Dominic Findlow, Technical Director of Sonihull, who will be on-hand to demonstrate the Sonihull range and talk to owners about their specific biofouling challenges.

Sonihull uses the power of ultrasound to prevent biofouling in cooling systems, box coolers, keel coolers and RSW pipework. “Compared to impressed-current anti-fouling systems, Sonihull can save up to 95% of capital and lifecycle maintenance costs in box coolers – these are the kind of figures that make commercial operators really pay attention,” says Findlow. “Sonihull is also the only ultrasonic anti-fouling system that is compatible with Scanmar’s Catch Control Systems, making it the ideal solution for fishing applications.”

Sonihull’s results are impressive. Below are some photos from a recent keel cooler application in North Atlantic waters. As you can see the underwater heat exchanger was prone to heavy fouling by weeds, barnacles and mussels. This impeded water flow around the keel cooler and reduced the effectiveness of the cooling system, putting extra strain on the engines and adding to the lift-out and service costs.

Contact Echomaster Marine now to book your meeting. Call 01261 831 644 or email sales@echomastermarine.co.uk See you in Macduff! (AB44 1TX)

Here’s a comparison of the same keel cooler after one year operating in North Atlantic waters

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