Protection for prop shaft and propellers



Protection for prop shafts and propellers.
The worlds first ultrasonic anti-fouling solution for prop shaft driven vessels.

Suffering from a fouled and barnacle encrusted propeller?

Fuel consumption and vibration up and performance down?

Introducing Sonishaft, the worlds only ultrasonic anti-foul system designed specifically for shaft driven vessels. The Sonishaft used in conjunction with the standard Sonihull transducer, clamps directly on to the prop-shaft transmitting the Sonihull industry leading ultrasonic anti-fouling pulse directly into the prop shaft, suppressing barnacle and bio-growth on the prop-shaft, propeller and anodes.

Typically you would expect to see a reduction in growth by about 80% or more. Plus the additional benefits of maintaining performance, smoother ride and reduced wear and tear - All this while saving about 20% on your fuel bills!

The Benefits of the Sonishaft.

• >20% saving on fuel consumption
• Maintain performance
• Reduced wear and tear
• Very low maintenance
• Good acceleration
• Reduced vibration
• Permanent installation.
• Galvanically Isolated


To ensure the long term performance of the Sonishaft, it is recommended that the bushes are replaced annually or after 250 engine hours.

Sonibush re-order code SB03
The Sonishaft comes complete with a universal vibration absorbing stabilizing mount, adaptable to most vessels that is easily installed between the gearbox and the stern tube wet gland.


  • Sonishaft SS-01
    for shaft up to 2.5 inch Diameter.
    ( 65mm)
  • Sonishaft SS-02
    for shafts from 2.5" up to 6".
    (65mm up to 150mm)


  • Transducer Extention Lead
    extention lead
    Transducer extension lead length 2.5m.
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