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Military, Coastguards & SAR Vessels



Traditional self-polishing antifouling coatings struggle to perform in waterjet applications. When stationary, the coatings don't work and during operation, the biocides in the paint don't last long because they are leached much more quickly than usual, due to the increased pressure and waterflow.

Instead of using poisons, Sonihull uses ultrasonic technology to disrupt marine organisms on the waterjet surfaces. This maintains as-new vessel performance, and readiness without disruptive maintenance, even during long periods of inactivity.

Following exhaustive evaluations on Naval and Coastguard craft around the world, Sonihull is now fitted by leading waterjet manufacturers to provide long-term protection against marine fouling.

Sonihull understands that in the high-performance defence and patrol sectors, reducing downtime and increasing MTBO (mean time between overhauls) is crucial. Even relatively light fouling can drop top speed by 20% and create a corresponding spike in fuel consumption and mechanical wear. Antifouling, therefore, becomes a key operational cost, something that Sonihull helps coastguards and navies minimise.


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