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Leisure Boats



Arguably, the most diverse marine market for Sonihull is the leisure boating sector. Sonihull is safe to use on steel, aluminium and resin-infused composites and is mostly used to protect the hull and underwater gear from marine fouling.

All Sonihull systems produce multiple bursts of ultrasonic energy in a range of targeted ultrasonic pulse frequencies. These pulses are transmitted through the material that the transducer is attached to, your hull, prop shaft, stern drive or IPS.

The pulses produce a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure on the surface of the material that is in contact with the water. Microscopic bubbles are created during the negative pressure cycle and are imploded during the positive pressure cycle.

This microscopic agitation has a cleansing effect that destroys surface algae, the first link in the marine food chain. Disrupting the food chain keeps the surface clean and makes it a much less inviting habitat for larger organisms that feed on the algae. As well as preventing the creation of a biofilm, the microscopic movement of water also prevents barnacle and mussel larvae from embedding on the surface.

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For Sonihull Positioning, please contact NRG Marine at info@nrgmarine.com
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