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Commercial Vessels

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Sonihull can help you protect your investment against biofouling wherever your vessel is exposed to raw seawater. On the outside, the build-up of algae, weeds and barnacles on your hull and propellers can reduce your speed and increase your fuel bill by 20%. On the inside, marine organisms can infest your water handling equipment, restrict cooling water systems and cause major engine or pump damage.

Sonihull's ultrasonic antifouling technology will prevent marine organisms from growing on your vessel and equipment, thereby reducing your running costs and extending your overhaul schedules.

There's no drilling or welding required when fitting Sonihull and unlike impressed-current systems, there are no expensive anodes to replace and no corrosion worries as Sonihull is completely safe for use on both steel and aluminium equipment.

With a wide range of pipe and surface adaptors, Sonihull transducers can bond to any surface, allowing ultrasonic pulses to be transmitted directly into the pipe, tank or other equipment being protected. This suppresses the build-up of bio-film and inhibits barnacle larvae and mussels from embedding, keeping box-coolers, heat exchangers and pumps working efficiently for longer.

Commercial Vessels

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